How to View Submissions

To view your submissions, simply go to the desired Operation as an end-user and click reports on the upper right of the Operation pop-up window. Alternatively, from  the Performance Report there is a similar icon that links to the same data table. 

The Operation Instance data table is the key report for the Operation. By selecting the link icon for the submission, this opens the web-report. Data here comes from the last submission of the Operation before it was completed. This is typically cumulative data from the Operation lifecycle.

Column add/remove

You can manually add/remove a certain column in your data table.

Row Group


Generating Charts

You can also group the submissions together using a chart. To use it, simply highlight the desired submissions then right click on your cursor, this should bring up the context menu. Go to the chart range and select your desired chart.

Similarly you could also export the table. Please head to Exporting Submissions.

Chart Range

These are the chart types you can choose from:

  • Column
  • Bar
  • Pie
  • Line
  • X Y (Scatter)
  • Area
  • Histogram

After you have selected the chart that you want, you will still be able to change that by accessing the menu on the upper right corner of the chart pop-up window.

You would also be able to download the chart in the same menu once you are done. It will save as a png file.


This panel lets you change the chart type and chart theme.


Here you will find what data you should include in your chart.  These are the columns that are found in your data table, which is customizable in the Columns tab located on the right side of the table.


This panel allows users to format the chart where the available formatting options differ between chart types. E.g Put a title in your chart and choose the font family, size, and color, etc.

Save Data Filter

Filters can be helpful if you want to only see specific columns instead of having to scroll to that column, or if you want to add a chart to your report.  

For generating charts please refer to Generating Charts.

Once you are in the Operation Instance report, after you have selected your preferences, you can click on the “Save Filter Data” button to save your filter.

Note:  If that Operation accepts multiple submissions, you can click on the link icon under the Action column then click on the three dotted menu next to the Back button and select “All Submission”. This will let you view all the submissions in that particular instance.

How to Edit Submissions

You can edit your submissions by looking for the Action column in the Report, then click on the link icon. Once there you can click on the pencil/edit icon of your desired submission within that Resource.

If there are multiple submissions within that Resource then you can click on the three dotted menu next to the Back button, to access the “All Submission” Option. This will show you all the submissions within that specific Resource.

Note: Operations that are completed cannot be edited. Completed Operations are designed to maintain the submitted data integrity and reporting. 

Resources can however be edited, as described above.

How to Export Submissions

There are two ways to export submissions:

Excel Export: From the Operations submission table, right click, and the table can be exported in excel and csv formats. Columns in the data table can be added, excluded and filtered prior to export if needed

Pdf export: From the submissions data table, click on the link icon to access the individual web report. From here, we can export the pdf format of the submission. Click on the three dotted menu next to the Back button.

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