This is where you can find the status/performance of the different levels in your Network. You can find the reports for Network, Site, Department, Work Areas, Operations.

Network Performance Report

Look up the performance of a particular Network by months.

Site Performance Report

Look up the performance of a particular Site by months.

Department Performance Report

You can look up the performance of this Department for the past month.

Performance Report

This is a Work Area report. You would be able to see the submissions of all the Operations in that Work Area. 

The importance of a performance report lies in the fact that it summarizes all the submissions in that Work Area which will make it easy to identify which Operation is lacking or if its performing well. You will also be able to compare Work Areas easily.

Why is it necessary?

As I said above, this report will be useful for determining which Work Area or Operation needs improvement. You can find this report in the Work Area as an End-User, next to the Work Area name in a file icon. You are free to choose which month you wish to look up in our Date picker on the top right corner, but it is already set to your current month as default.


In here you can find the Work Area Performance Percentage. This is calculated by finding the average of the Operation Percentage. 
The Operation percentage on the other hand is calculated by dividing 100 by the number of submissions, multiplied by the number of Expired instances and then 100 is subtracted by the product.

Meaning behind the background color of the submissions in the performance report:

  • Red - List of submissions with at least 1 expired instance

  • Green - List of submissions with no expired instance

  • Blue- List of submissions with at least 1 ongoing/ In Progress instance

Note that it will only turn blue if it has no expired status. So if the color is already red it will not turn blue, only when it's green.


An expired Operation instance will happen when you fail to complete the form with a scheduler set or if the Operation expire is set before the scheduler.

Completed (Green)

It is marked completed when you have finished the form on time, if it has a Scheduler or if you have set an expiration time in the Operation Settings. Otherwise if you have manually triggered that Operation.

In-Progress (Blue)

When your submission is still in-progress the background color of your submission is blue, This happens when you have not completed your form in the Operation Instance.

When you click on the Operation link it will take you to the Operation Instance report, here you can see all the submissions whether it is Completed, Expired, or In Progress.

Operation Instance Report

In the Operation Instance report  you can see the Submissions, Start Date, Sub Operation, State,and Actions according to your filters. 

You can also edit Resource submissions by clicking on the link icon under the Actions column. Once there, you can edit the submitted form however you like.

Note: You can only edit submissions for the Resource, not the Operation. 

The export submission button is located next to the back button inside the three dotted menu. If there are multiple submissions you can also find the “all submissions” inside the three dotted menu and selectively choose which Resource submitted form you wish to edit/update. For generating Charts please refer to Generating Charts.

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