Resource is like a source of data in which you would use in an Operation through the connection of the form component. These Resource data models can be used within other forms making it simple to create a data collection and reference that data in your form.

    Add Resources

    Resource is a feature that will make changes to Operation forms be convenient. 

    Instead of having to edit forms again in the form builder, you can connect a Resource to an Operation and input the necessary information to be included in your Operation. You can think of it like a source of data.

    Just click on the three dotted menu on the Work Area and select Add Resource.

    After adding the Resource on your Work Area, you can then attach a form to it. To connect it to an Operation, you can either connect it when making the forms for the Operation or you can edit the form in your desired Operation.

    These are the following capabilities of a Resource:

    • You can connect it to an Operation to input data. This means that you don't have to go and edit Operation to add that specific data e.g Attendee name, but instead you can add a Resource to submit an attendee name and use it in a field selection in an active Operation.
    • Use it as a source of data

    Resource Settings

    The Resource uses the same settings as the Operation.

    • Operation settings
    • Form settings
    • Schedules
    • Presets
    • Preview
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