The Network is the root account of your organization on Didge. At a Network level, you can access the following tools:

  • Network Forms
  • Network Users
  • Edit Network
  • Delete Network

Users can be added to one or more Networks as Admin. Network users are not End-Users, rather Admin users. As such, Network users cannot submit Operations, access Reporting or perform tasks generally associated with the End-User. Should an Network user require access or functions as an End-User, they would need to be added as a Site user.  The overall framework of your Didge application is as follows:

  1. Network (root account)
    1. Sites (within Network)
      1. Departments (within Site)
        1. Work Areas (within Department)
          1. Operations (within Work Areas)

Network Forms

You are able to build, update and maintain forms at a Network level. Network forms are available to all Sites within your Network. Sites on other Networks cannot access your Network forms. Network forms can only be edited by Network Users.

Network forms allow organizations to use centrally managed forms across all Sites. This becomes highly beneficial when managing many Sites, as a form needs only to be developed once, and it can then be re-used as many times as needed. Forms can be further configured at a Site level using the Settings Container feature.

Note: please see the Form Building section for further information on this function.

Form Actions

Network forms support actions of:
  • Send email
  • Complete Operation


As Network forms are not site-specific, the for action: trigger Operation is not supported. This feature is only supported at a Site level.

Network Users

Network Users have an admin role with the following capabilities:

  • Add Network Users
  • Add Network Sites
  • Add Network Forms
  • Edit Network
  • Delete Network

Edit Network

You are able to edit the Network title and apply your own custom logo to the Network. This custom logo will substitute the Didge logo at the top left of the browser. Recommended to use png format with transparent background.

Delete Network

You are able to delete your Network. Please use extreme caution here as this cannot be undone. All data associated with the Network is permanently deleted and purged from the system. 

Network Admin

Network is the root account of your organization, being a Network Admin here means you manage everything. From the creation of Sites down to adding Operation and making forms, as well as managing users.

Being a Network Admin you have the following capabilities on the respective levels:


  • Network Forms
  • Network Users
  • Edit Network
  • Delete Network


    • Add Site
    • Site Forms
    • Site Users
    • Site Schedules
    • Site Edit
    • Site Delete
    • Manage Subscriptions


    • Add Departments
    • Department Edit
    • Department Delete

    Work Area

    • Add new column
    • Add Operation
    • Add Resource
    • Delete Work Area
    • Delete Operation
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