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Apps unify within an intuitive architecture to form your custom management platform.

Scale & distribute management systems across Networks & Sites.

We offer world-class technological solutions for key industries. Backed up by the highest level of quality support throughout the partnership life-cycle.

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Didge is an enterprise level eco-system of technologies that automate business processes. Build your own apps or use pre-crafted solutions.

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Hardware IoT

Smart devices, sensors, gateways, gadgets, buttons, sirens, lights. Physical hardware that interacts with your environment and triggers a digital response of some kind.

Smart Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) are powerful instruments in automating processes and harnessing data to make the best decisions.

Didge supports many hardware types, protocols and brands.

Start integrating hardware into your business operations with ease!


Professional services that are specialised in the Didge platform offering. 

Application set up, consulting, business analysts, digitalisation of forms, application architecture, IoT hardware configuration, implementation, training and related services.

Packaged Solutions

Packaged Solutions are specially curated products and services that combine to create a complete solution. 

These solve many industry problems and allow you to leverage technology and expertise.

Packaged Solutions consist of the right touch of software, hardware to suit your environment and requirements.