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Thermal imagery camera - mobile

Thermal imagery camera - mobile

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Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS or Android Devices

The all new FLIR ONE Pro gives you the power to find invisible problems faster than ever. Its revolutionary VividIR™ thermal image processing lets you see more details and provide your customers with proof that you solved their problem right the first time. Whether you’re inspecting electrical panels, looking for HVAC problems, or finding water damage, the new FLIR ONE Pro is a tool no serious professional should be without. The new FLIR ONE app requires sign in, which enables automatic warranty registration and access to all the latest updates from FLIR.

This camera used for temperature monitoring food safety. This includes application in hand-off, fully automated temperature monitoring, recording and verification of:

  • Hot foods on Buffets
  • Chilled foods on Buffets
  • Dishwasher Rinse Temperature
There are only a couple of significant differences between the FLIR ONE and the FLIR ONE Pro, the first being the thermal resolution on the pro version is double the standard version at 160x120 vs 80x60. 
FLIR ONE Pro’s expanded temperature range means you can measure temperatures between -4°F and 752°F (-20° to 400°C). With up to three spot temperature meters and six temperature regions of interest, FLIR ONE Pro gives you added on-the-go image analysis and reporting capability.
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