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Thermal imagery camera - fixed

Thermal imagery camera - fixed

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With its large Field-of-View it can monitor areas and thresholds, raise alarms and count the number of hot/cold spots within its view. Measurements are then communicated automatically to build reliable control systems, including food safety.

This camera used for temperature monitoring food safety. This includes application in hand-off, fully automated temperature monitoring, recording and verification of:

  • Hot foods on Buffets
  • Chilled foods on Buffets
  • Dishwasher Rinse Temperature
Thanks to its small footprint and affordability, this thermal camera is an ideal component in Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT set-ups, addressing a variety of applications where previously thermal measurement monitoring was cost-prohibitive.

Working across a wide range of temperatures by default, the product also benefits from smart EDGE processing and versatile performance for new IIoT and Industry 4.0 applications.
Key System Features
  • Small, lightweight and easy to mount
  • Advanced Thermopile technology enables the sensor to operate over a wide temperature range
  • Thermal image outputs, enabled by onboard storage of raw temperature pixels on Modbus registers
  • Modbus RS485 interface
  • NO/NC for event triggers, alarms, emergency stop
  • Embedded intelligence (EDGE processing) enables simple data processing and local feedback loops that can eliminate the need for analysis on PLC

Ideal for Maintenance & Safety

With its low cost, small footprint and autonomous IR camera, this is an ideal solution for maintenance and safety applications such as monitoring electric installations and cabinets and early fire detection. When monitoring mechanical equipment the IND-Thermal-90 can detect overheating, give low cost 24/7 monitoring to replace manual spot checks and provide predictive maintenance data on wear modeling.



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