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Gateway - Lora

Gateway - Lora

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Gateways are required to connect devices, such as temperature sensors, to the cloud. 

They require a plug in power source and have sim cards provided with them, therefore work independently to your local wi-fi.

The gateways are manufactured in the US and are market leaders in quality and reliability.

This gateway is required for temperature sensors and cook-chill sensors. 

More than one gateway may be required, depending on the building, location and dispersion of the sensors. 

Conduit AP (MTCAP) (MTCAP3) connects thousands of IoT assets to the cloud using the LoRaWAN® protocol. It expands LoRa network coverage to difficult to reach areas and is capable of packet forwarding user data between LoRa end devices and a centrally located network server on the cloud, in a data center, or a public network.


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