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Dishwasher Temperature App - Sensors

Dishwasher Temperature App - Sensors

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This is the app that is needed withe our Temperature Sensors and Gateways - part of a full solution suite.

A complete and fully integrated solution for Wireless Temperature Monitoring. Correct Dishwasher temperatures is a legal requirement to ensure food utensils and equipment are sanitised. 

Alerts, notification, 30-min delays, escalation, totally configurable at all points. SMS and email.

The Dishwasher Temperature App is the required software that enables MultiTech Gateways and Temperature Sensors. 

Risk Managed

Automated dishwasher monitoring greatly reduces the risk of food safety incidents. This in turn relates to cost savings, customer impacts, safety and compliance.

Pre-emptive Action

Businesses can be alerted and respond in real-time to temperatures changes, which can result in saving before they are impacted by temperature abuse.

No Set Up

The Didge Team sets up and configures all the hardware. You simply plug put the sensors in your cold room and plug in the gateway. Installation takes less that 5 minutes on your end.

HACCP and ISO 22,000

For those following HACCP, have HACCP Certification or involved in food safety, the automation of dishwasher is a highly valuable investment. Man power and overall risk is greatly reduced.


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