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Digital Food Safety Platform - Software & Sensors

Digital Food Safety Platform - Software & Sensors

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Digital food safety is a combination of numerous apps, sensors, hardware and more, all harmoniously managed on Didge. Real-time and automated verification of food safety performance. Full paperless and digital HACCP plans. Much more.

Highly user-friendly, this approach and service model has bee nadopted by 1000's of hotels, restausrant, health-care and manufacturing food businesses across Asia-Pacific. 

Hotels, restaurants and catering commonly need a set of food safety controls that forms a Food Safety Plan (FSP).

This Packaged Solution brings together the most commonly used modules you will need to meet compliance and protect your brand.

This Packaged Solution fully integrates your FSP Cleaning Checklists, Cold Storage, Cook-Chill, Internal Audit and a range of further options. 

Go digital with your automated food safety plan efficiently and securely!

The Didgial Food Safety Platform is a full-solution, that includes software, hardware, and firmware to automate your kitchen. Included is specialised Set-Up support, and on-site Project Management support. 

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