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Cook-Chill Probe

Cook-Chill Probe

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This specialised wireless probe is designed for cook-chill verification and record keeping.

The cook-chill senor is a "set-and-forget" solution that requires no user interaction, or input, once the process has started.

The heat-proof probe goes into the food item and stays in it throughout the cook-chill steps.

The sensor's firmware has been especially designed for the cook-chill process. 

For HACCP certification, this automates a critical control point, with no food safety training required, as its a fully automated process.

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    The cook chill sensors are designed to be very simple to use. Sensors have specially designed firmware to support a “set and forget” approach. This means the man-power (time) and requirement for technically trained users is fully automated. 

    How sensors work

    Any physical movement of the sensor enables a send-rate to every 10 seconds, for one minute. This means the probe is taking a new reading every 10 seconds, and comparing it to the required cook temperature. The purpose of this is the rapidly capture the cook temperature of the product, right at the start of the process.

    The cook chill sensors have a probe. The probe and cable are heat-proof, however the sensor unit itself is not. 

    Batteries Included

    Sensor have a battery life of 3 years, with replaceable AA batteries. The probe is a PT100 with heat-proof cable. 


    The cook-chill sensors are LoraWAN and require a gateway to work. The sensors fully integrate with didge MultiTech gateways.

    If you already have the MultiTech gateway set up and running as part of a cold storage solution, then the cook-chill sensors will simply connect to that network.