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Welcome to Wasted. The purpose of this Operation is to monitor, track and report on wastage. We are big belivers in sustainability and contributing to a cleaner planet. 

The Wasted App allows you to set products and track their wastage on a daily basis. The total for each product are added up and presented in a monthly report. 

This is a simple app to use and empowers you with valuable wastage metrics. These can further be compared month-on-month trending and performance reporting charting.  

Settings instructions

Settings here allow you to configure the Operation according to your businesses wastage flow. Input the following information to suit:

  • Items: this is the product that is being wasted, for example Eggs
  • Unit: this is the unit of measurement commonly used for this item, for example KG, Ltr, Boxes, Cartons, etc.

Once you have input this, select Save Settings. 

End-User instructions 

1. Add Wastage

This section is where users input the wastage. Each day of the month has it's own section. Go to the respective day and input the following:

  1. Select the Item
  2. Input the quantity

Repeat this as many times as you would like throughout the day. Select the Add New to insert another wastage line. Once you have made the inputs, select Submit. Previously submitted data is saved and can also be updated as required. Ensure the Submit button is pressed so the data is saved.

2. Wastage Report

This report gathers all the submitted wastage information over the month. Each item that has had a wastage entry will be in the report, along with a consolidated quantity. 

Trends and further Reporting

From the Submissions table, there is an entry for each month. By using the Charting function and filtering, graphical representations can easily generated and saved to produce business insights. Precise trends on items over monthly periods provides valuable insights into many aspects of wastage items. 

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