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Content Viewer App

The Content Viewer is a great tool to integrate and distribute static content and files. This can include policies, procedures, plans, paper-based forms, management documents - anything. This content can then be added to Sites for the user to view, download and access. The great things is that the content is centrally managed - meaning that any changes to the content are updated in the view of the users. 

This app can be sued in a number of way, depending on the use case. 

There are two verions of the Content Viewer:

  • Site Level
  • Network Level

Site-level Content Viewer

At this level, all users of the Site can access, view and download the content. Users from other Sites on the Network cannot. This is good for site-level content that you do not want to share with other Sites on the Network.

Enabling Site-wide Content Viewer:

  • As an Admin user, add a Resource (RES) to a Work Area, selecting the global form: Content Viewer. 
  • Within the  RES Settings, go to the Form Settings tab. 
  • Add in your content here: typed content, copy-paste in content, upload files. Add as many Sections as you would like to. This also may include Version and Ammendments. Save Settings. 
  • The Form Settings then display the content in the Preview tab. This is what the End-User will see. 
  • Close the Settings, toggle to End-User and navigate back to the RES that you have just added and click on it
  • You will be presented with the content that you just added in.

Network-wide Content Viewer

At this level, all users of the Network can access, view and download the content. Users from other Networks cannot. This is good for network-level content that you do want to share across all Sites on the Network.

This is widely used for enterprises that have management systems, policies, SOP’s etc that are centrally managed/updated and distributed to each Site on their Network. This is the perfect way to manage centralised documentation.

Enabling Network-wide Content Viewer:

  • As a Network Admin user, import the Content Viewer form to Network Forms
  • Still at the Form Builder, observe the Password that can be seen there. Now go to the Form Settings tab. 
  • Go to the Access tab, and enter the password to edit the content, otherwise the content will be password protected. 
  • The content for the Network is added here in the content tab. Here you can add text, upload files, documents, and add further sections. This is the content that your End-Users will see. Once you have added the content, select Save Settings. 
  • Now navigate to a Site, add a Resource (RES) to a Work Area, and save. 
  • Now, the End-User can access, view, download and interact with the content. 
  • Add this Resource (RES) to any Site on your Network and each Site will then have the same access to the content. 
  • Any changes to the content are made at the Network level, and these update will effect all Sites that have this Resource.
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